Sunday, 12 April 2020

At the time of corona, YouTube KARONA

Getting bored during the lockdown, why not become a part of the biggest market in the world? You can’t step out? But you’re not even asked to do so. You need to be there where you are. Yes, your home sweet home. This article is about how you can make the best use of the world’s largest video sharing platform- Youtube. It is not just a video sharing platform but also the second largest search engine. The reason for calling it a market is because creators get appreciation and money in return for their videos while the audience gets the videos of their interest in the return of their time. Many people are sitting idle at home, cursing their destiny, scrolling others’ feeds and waiting for this CORONA-period to end. You need to stop right here. Instead of watching other vloggers, be a Vlogger. Here are a few ideas about the ways by which you can utilize your precious time.

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Have you ever wondered what must have happened in 1970s lockdown, what had the people done? You might be willing to know-how had the people spent their time. The same way, people of the next generation would be willing to know about this corona-lockdown. Why don’t you help them? Start recording everything you do to get over this boredom. Say, if you learn a new skill, record it and show your audience how you did that sitting at your home and inspire them. If you didn’t like the idea, no issues. Here are some more for you. 

At least once in your life you must have searched the “How to-“ question on youtube to solve your problems. What if you create your own “how-to-“ videos, solving some other person’s problem. Give it a try. Start creating videos on anything you’re good at. Be it art, dance, music, instruments, cooking, or any other skill. In this busy life, people don’t get time to follow their passion. Here you’re the luckiest to change your passion into your profession and become a YouTuber.

What if I don’t have any special talent? No worries, we have another idea for you. Use your educational knowledge. Yes, you can become a teacher without having any degree. Choose the subject of your interest and make videos related to the subject in any language. People in this world are eager to learn new things. By this you might even help a needy student. Let others get some benefit from your knowledge too. Of course, you’re going to get benefited too. Who knows you’ll be the next YouTuber with millions of subscribers, earning thousands of dollars in the next couple of years. And that's not hypothetical. We’ve many examples of the people you’re among the top YouTubers gaining name, fame and money in a span of few years. In this era of online media, platforms like youtube are going to be more popular than other media. Even the CEO of Google, Sundar Pichai said,” Youtube will be far bigger than TV”. With this statement only, you can estimate how big youtube is going to be in the coming future. Here is a big opportunity in front of you to change this misfortune into a blessing in disguise.

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