Sunday, 12 April 2020

Feel Calm and Supported in Your Home: Feng Shui Tips for Difficult Times

This Corona Virus may be one of the pandemic this generation is living through. The way it has and will change the world cannot be anticipated. However, we need to do our best to remain safe and keep our spirits uplifted which may not always be possible in these testing times. This is why we tend to seek out different ways in which we can feel calm and supported in our homes. There are some Feng Shui tips that can help you with the same. 

feng shui tips for home

Feng Shui becomes a powerful tool in testing times as it is something that alter the immediate environment around you. Such a time is bound to affect your personal and professional life, in many possible ways. It may be the case that your usual forms of seeking help and comfort may not be available to you right now as a result of the social distancing we have to practice right now. This situation is what makes Feng Shui to be the best solution for us in such a time. It is something in your control and can be done from within your homes itself. 

The very first thing that you should be tackling right now is any clutter in your house. It is not just for the sake of the pandemic that you need to maintain a very high- level hygiene but also because it is difficult to live in one space for so long. It can make it even worse if that space is not organised. It is the first thing you should be doing as it will allow positive energy or chi to enter your house. It also ensures the overall maintenance of a balanced household. 

To add some positive energy into your house, you can add some plants, mirrors and neutral and bright colours (nothing over the top. No alarming reds, etc). Make sure that you have not placed the mirror in your bedroom, facing the bed, as that is not good feng shui. You need to face them in the East direction ideally, towards the Sun. You can also add small elements of water around your house. There are many feng shui products for home available that allow the flow of water. If that is not possible for you, you can simply add some water and add fresh flowers to it. This too can be helpful in adding a simple element of water in your house. Water becomes an important element in Feng Shui as that too has strong cleansing properties. The colour that you may be adding to your house has to be calming, which is why bright and neutral colours are always favoured for it. 

These some of the initial steps you should be taking and see how they may be impacting you, in every big and small way. This will allow you to understand whether or not you want to continue with this on a larger and more permanent way by engaging with more feng shui items.