Thursday, 28 May 2020

Top 5 Directories of SEO that are still in use

Top Directories Submission List

There are a hell and heaven difference between the Google algorithm of early times and of now. Previously having a link in thousands of web directories was having a great fate. But now having one is not a big deal but rest assured there are still some Web Directories that you can trust & they will add SEO value.

A web directory is a classified website under appropriate categories and subcategories. After getting submitted to a directory, a site has to go through the process of review and approval by a manual editor. He checks the website for the quality, content, category selected and several other parameters. If it's selected, it's listed under the category which would be more appropriate by the editor. The web directories are done by SEO Experts (refer: to submit different types of directories.

When a website has been listed in a directory, it becomes easier for the search engines to classify the site based on the anchor texts or phrases that have been used in the titles of the text submitted. This gives your site to get a good rank for searches targeting those terms. An increase in site ranks increases the visibility it gains, which consequently leads to an increment in the number of incoming visitors to your site.

Do Web Directories Still Work for SEO in 2020?

Once somebody tried to prove in a local SEO social media by showing a #1 result for a keyword, claiming that he had only built 2 directory links to that page and it’s now #1.

He was quite successful in his experiment by trying to attack us “white hats” that always state web directories don’t work. The problem was only with the anchor text he was ranking for had virtually 0 searches and the competition didn't exist.

In present time Web Directories do have a small impact on your rankings, just like any other site that links to you and passes Page Rank. But since they’ve been abused as an SEO technique over the years, Google penalizes people who use web directories. Most of them are probably ignored by the rise of Penguin 4.0. Apart from that, there are many more SEO ranking factors which are used for ranking purpose. 

Why Do We Still Have Web Directories?

Many directories lack moderators since it costs expensive, but still probably make some small amounts of earning from advertising.

If someone gives a weird anchor text in a domain name such as “.153826” tool for multiple clients, web directories crawl and index websites by simply linking to them on pages that contain thousands of external links.  

Generally, you should avoid web directory submission, but sometimes they might be fruitful, especially when it comes to local businesses and local SEO. Make sure that the online directory is relevant to your niche and has a good link profile in which you are going to submit the links.

1. Best of the Web

Since 1994 Best of the Web (BOTW) is a faithful web directory for more than 16 million people. 

For blogs, they have, whereas for local businesses they have

2. Blogarama

It features more than 143,000 blogs that are actively updated by all their site admins.
Plugin your RSS feed along with Blogarama auto-updates your listing with your latest posts.

Blogarama receives over 230,000 visitors monthly. Blogarama includes Blogging, Business, Design, Education, Fashion, etc.

3. Yelp

If you want audiences to find your business, you need to be touched with Yelp and you need to be getting positive feedback.

Yelp includes food services like restaurants, bars, coffee, and tea, etc.

4. Yellow Pages

After claiming a free website, a company can pester you to get in touch with its business advertising trap.

Beyond a business listing Yellow Pages stays valiant by offering coupons, providing listings for a huge variety of industries, and spontaneously posting blog content to drive internal link equity back toward their directory pages.

When people go to, they look for contact info. 60 million people visit per month, 91% of whom contact the business within 24 hours.
Yellow pages include 3D or 4D theatres, Abacus classes, Accommodation, Adhesive, etc.


It is an online community for searching and discussing business people, companies, news, and many more.

Spoke includes Antivirus Tech Support, Cloud Quickbooks Tech Support, Financial/Modelling course online, etc. 

The Bottom Line on Web Directories in 2020

Do you increase the probability of your website getting seen by more customers?
Will a listing on this site deepen consumer faith in your business?

If your answer is yes to either of those questions, web directories can have value for your business.

If you want to know more about Directories or SEO Off page activities then you can consult to Sandeep Mehta. He is Delhi SEO Expert having a good experience. 

Friday, 22 May 2020

5 Quick WordPress SEO Tips to Boost Your Search Rankings Today

Why Wordpress  SEO tips ? Why is it important ?? Nowadays Google #1 marketing platform is wordpress. There are millions of people in the world using the wordpress platforms.

The Best part ?

You don't need to become an SEO expert & want to rank your website on google search engine, also you don't need to understand the hard code & other languages to understand this.
Wordpress is easy to use for everyone & you can do almost all the things in a few minutes.

So let’s begin  -

5 quick #WordPress #SEO tips to boost your search rankings today

Here is the 5 quick WordPress SEO tips which will help you -

1- Optimize your website & improve page speed
2 - Optimize for mobile
3 -Delete thin content
4 - Update alt text on all images
5 - Review your website & Internal links

Here is the above mentioned 5 points which will help you to improve seo ranking for your website.

1  - Optimize your website & improve page speed
Website page speed plays a key role to rank your website, you need to optimize your site for mobile & desktop both versions. Nowadays plenty of users are using mobile devices & almost 80% of users come on a website through mobile. So its very important to optimize your website for the mobile version. Also it will improve your visitors on the website & reduce the bounce rate & increase the dwell time on the website.  You can check your website page speed in pingdom or google page speed insights too. It will help you to understand the speed of the website & also help you to understand how to fix these issues. Chaska digital will help you to increase your website speed, you can visit digital marketing company in marathahalli to optimize page speed of youe site. 

Here is few tips to improve your wordpress website speed - 

1 - Use better hosting provider
2 - Install & setup the clear cache plugin in wordpress site
3 - Compressed the all the images

2 -  Optimize for mobile

Nowadays mobile has overtaken the desktop versions. Mobile has changed the world so rapidly. 
Google always prefers the mobile friendly website to rank on search engines. You can choose the best theme for the mobile version, it will help to increase traffic on your website also reduced the bounce rate on your website too.

3 - Delete thin content

Thin content on your website does not provide a value to any users, you need to optimize the thin content on the website. Always try to update quality content on your website at least 800+ words using high search volume keywords it will help to rank on search engines.

4 - Update alt text on all images

Do you know google has given 10% importance to images for search results. So it's very important to optimize your images. Image alt text is the best & easiest way to rank on search engines. You can use screaming frog to search all missing alt images on your website. 
Always use your targeted keywords in image alt text to rank better on search engines.

5 - Review your website & Internal links

Your website navigation is very important to rank on search engines. If you don't know which page you need to optimize & analyze then you need to check which page has the highest no. of traffic on your website. So you can easily understand the high search volume pages & also improve the internal links through one page to another page. If you don't know how to do proper internal linking on your site then visit the Chaska Digital which is Best Digital marketing agency in Bangalore to provides the all types of digital marketing services across India.

Conclusion -

Here are the 5 quick tips which will help you to rank better on search engines & if you follow all the tips then definitely there is some amount of organic traffic on your website.
It will also improve your keyword ranking on search engines.