Friday, 23 October 2020

The ‘HOW’s and ‘WHY’s of Buying Youtube Views & Subscribers

Buying Youtube Views and Subscribers

Have you recently started a Youtube channel, followed all tips in the market but are still not getting enough views and subscribers? Well, then this article is for you. Not getting enough love for the content that you are so passionate about can be really heartbreaking and is one of the biggest reasons. 

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Why new content creators decide to quit their Youtube journey. As harsh as it may sound, the truth is that it doesn’t matter how good your content is unless people actually watch it.

The Youtube algorithm judges your video by the number of views and watch-time it receives in the first few hours and distributes it to a larger audience accordingly. 

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Hence, it becomes extremely important to get those first views which, well, are difficult to get when your channel is new. In such cases, buying views and subscribers might seem like a lucrative option.

The ‘HOW’s and ‘WHY’s of Buying Youtube Views & Subscribers

A new consumer is less likely to view your video or subscribe to your channel if it doesn’t have a certain number of views or subscriptions. In such cases, buying views and subscribers look like a great option to give your channel an early nudge.

There will be many options in the market when you seek to buy subscribers but the truth is that almost all these methods will end up banning your channel forever. 

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While bots are the easiest way to increase your number of view and subscribers, they are easily detectable by Youtube and is also not interactive enough to increase the watch-time organically. 

The most legitimate way to buy views, something I highly recommend personally, is by running ads for your videos through Google Adsense. These ads appear before a video or Youtube search results page in a related video area, enabling your video to reach the desired target audience. 


It gives you better reach by creating a bandwagon effect where initially paid views snowball into a much larger number of organic views and subscribers.

Your channel gets better exposure and is noticed by people even at a nascent stage.

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When your work is better noticed, it may end up getting ranked on Youtube. The rank is decided according to the views and watch-time. This will help your work to reach a much larger number of people globally.

You reach your target audience and grow a genuine loyal fanbase who support your work.

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Having targeted audience results in getting noticed by brands and receiving better opportunities for sponsorships in your domain.

When you’re putting your heart and sweat into your passion project on Youtube, you must realize that like every other profession, you deserve some profit out of it. Youtube-ing is almost like running a business. 

Hence, like any other business, it also requires the correct strategy and planning to grow and reap benefits quickly. Buying views can be the first step towards it.  

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