Thursday, 15 April 2021

Google Word Coach

Google Word Coach

This feature has been made especially for people who are not very fluent in English and do not have it as their first language. Google has ensured that it is a fun game that people can engage with while learning too. This is important for people to feel that they can learn this language easily and properly. This is the only reason why Google has opted for such an outlet. It has been made in such a simple manner so that people of all ages and technological advancement can engage with it. 

How Can You Engage with Google Word Coach?

You just have to open Google and make a search. The game will show up in the results. It appears in the form of a quiz and is like a game. You can only move on to the next question if you answer the first question. These questions are very simple but Google has ensured that the game is interactive and will also give you prompts from time to time. To give it an even more easy and accessible vibe, the Google Word Coach is only available online on mobile phones. It is not accessible on desktops as of yet. They will give you the right answer as well. You will get five questions in each round. This will make you truly see how easy it can be to incorporate English into your life. 

What are the Advantages of Google Word Coach? 

This feature has been introduced for people who may not be so well-versed with the language. This means that the level and basics of the game are very basic. It builds your vocabulary gradually. Since it is a game that is readily available, people of all ages are encouraged to play it. This means school-going children can actually benefit from it in their school work but adults can use these cues in their everyday language and work on their communication skills. These are some basics that are expected from us and Google is helping us achieve that. More importantly, you do not have to download the game in particular in order to play it. That is why it is reaching so many people. You do not have to do anything to play this game. It will show up in the search results. 

These are some of the reasons why it is so popular. But the most important factor has to be the relevance of the questions it has. It does not ask you boring, difficult words that you do not actually use in everyday life. It is set in such a way that it will better your speaking and communication skills. You do not need big, fancy words to engage with people and communicate effectively; And this game has been programmed keeping exactly this in mind. 

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