Wednesday, 2 June 2021

FAQ About Google Word Coach

Google released this game in February 2018 for non-English speaking countries. Indeed, this is a fun way for learners to expand their vocabulary and improve their English language.

How to open Google Word Coach?

Just type Google Word Coach and eventually, you will be presented with the quiz on top.

How to play the Google Word Coach game?

After opening, you will get a question with two options, you need to select one which you think is right, of course.
If you answered correctly, a green colour mark will appear next to your answer, and eventually, your score will rise.
Likewise, if your answer is wrong, a red colour mark will appear, although your score will not decline.
Furthermore, Google will automatically take you to the next question.

Is there a negative marking concept in this quiz?

No, there is no negative marking. Besides, the only intention of this game is to make you learn.

Can you skip a question?

Yes, you can just skip a question if you don't know the answer. Besides, the only intention of this game is to make the player learn.

What is the difficulty level?

Initially, a simple question is asked, but after a few questions, the level continues to rise. Moreover, the difficulty increases as you proceed through each level.

How many questions are there?

There are only five questions at each level, and eventually, you will receive your scorecard at the end.

Where can I find answers?

At the end when all the 5 questions are over, you will get a scorecard and below it. An explanation section in which explanations to correct answers is also provided, in addition to the score.

How many times can users play?

You can play it any number of times, there is no limit to this.

Can it be played on Desktop?

No, In fact, it can only be played on the mobile version of Google Chrome/Browser.

Can I play it offline?

No, you cannot play it without the internet.

How do you keep your Google Word Coach score forever?

It is currently not possible to save your score indefinitely. As a result, your score is not saved after you close the browser. It would be beneficial if you started from the beginning each time.

Do we need to sign up to play this?

No, there is no need for any type of sign-up.

Google Word Coach Google Jamboard

Is there an app for this?

No, there is no such app for this.

In how many languages is this game available?

Right now it is available only for the English language.

Google Word Coach Google Earth

Is this game free?

Yes, it is absolutely free.

What is the purpose of this game?

Its purpose is to expand the English vocabulary of non-English countries' users.

Google Word Coach Google Drive

Final Words

To learn the English language is a necessity now, and for that having a good vocabulary in addition to, good grammar really helps. So try out Google Word Coach, play for 5 minutes daily and eventually, you will have an impressive English proficiency.