Thursday, 15 July 2021

Reasons to upgrade for Checkout Address AutoFill For WooCommerce Pro.

woocommerce checkout fields

What does the Checkout Address AutoFill Plugin do?

1. It auto-fills the billing and shipping addresses during the checkout process.

2. Allow the user's current location to be as both the ship and bill addresses.

3. Results shown are specific to a country.

4.  It also allows auto-filling of phone numbers.

5. It automatically fills up the name of the company.

Reasons to Upgrade.

This new version of the WooCommerce checkout fields is the most comprehensive address autocomplete plugin available. It performs admirably and has many features such as Location Picker Autofill and Current Location. Above all, with its new features, it becomes the best choice amongst other options available.

Features of the Pro Version

1. It supports the WooCommerce latest version.

2. Users can use Google Maps to autofill their addresses.

3. The geolocations of the addresses get saved. As a result, you could see the exact location of their addresses on the Edit Order page.

4. Verification option API Key for Google is available.

5. Also, it supports translation in many languages.

6. Further, the administrator can change the location picker zoom size from the setting page.

7. In the Checkout Page Location Picker, you can now get Compound Code and Global Code for any location. It proves to be very useful when using WooCommerce Distance Rate Shipping. Calculate shipping prices quickly and easily based on your clients' exact distance.

Please note that the Checkout Address Autofill for WooCommerce / Pro plugins currently only works with the Google Maps API. Please ensure that Google Maps is available and functional in the end-users region for the best possible experience.

How to Install

1. Firstly, Go to the Plugin Option after entering your WordPress Dashboard.

2. Next, click on Add New.

3. Further, in the search bar, type "Checkout Address AutoFill For WooCommerce." and enter.

4. Hit the Install tab.

5. Then, click on Activate button

6. After installation is complete, go to the settings panel and enter your Google API key.

7. Next, verify your Google API key. Enter your API Key in the given field and then click Save changes to verify it. Then, under the Verify Google API Key section, find the Verify Autocomplete Field, where you can enter any location. If the API key you have entered is correct, the address suggestions will appear in the Autocomplete Field. In addition, you will see the address in a popup window.

8. Lastly, change the settings to suit your needs.


This Pro version includes some great features that could make your clients' checkout procedure faster and smoother. And improvements in the efficiency of the shopping cart and checkout process, as a result, lead to higher conversion rates. Thus, upgrade to the Pro version for unrestricted access to Checkout Address AutoFill For WooCommerce Pro and improved support.

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Wednesday, 14 July 2021

Why should you keep a small capsule lift in your home in Delhi?

small capsule lift for home price in india

If you are designing your home or are thinking of having a spacious home for yourself, it only makes sense to ensure the most comfort for that home as well. While you have looked at every element to ensure it is the perfect space for you and your family. It is important that you look at your comfort as well. A small capsule lift for your home [know more:] can be purchased by any lift company available in Delhi and at a variety of prices as well. It will be an investment to add a touch of luxury to your spacious home. Why do you want to spend all that time and energy climbing stairs up and down every single day? This article will show you why you need a small capsule lift for your home. These are some benefits you can get from them as and when you like. 

It is a given that you will need a certain kind of structure and space to accommodate a lift in your home. If this is what you have then, there is no point in wasting time whether to buy it or not. It is not a luxury as much as it is a necessity for many now. You are going to be living with your family and there are our elders at home as well. It is extremely difficult for them to climb up and down the stairs every single time. This is why most of them prefer to stay on the ground floor itself. The lift is going to allow them to move about the home freely and do as they please. This is the kind of support they need now to get around the house. 

Capsule lifts are different from conventional lifts you see in commercial and residential buildings mostly. They have a certain look of elegance to them and are built in such a way that they suit every environment. So, you do not have to worry about the lift looking out of place with your d├ęcor and interiors. It allows you to look at the interiors of your home even when it is in use. The glass walls look very elegant. This will add value to your house itself. Therefore, it definitely is an option you can look into. There is upkeep involved but the long-term benefits will surely suit you. These come at relatively usual prices as compared to other lifts. Also, since their technology is one of the latest in the market, the upkeep for the lifts will be minimal. Therefore, you do not have to bother about it with checks and repairs again and again. You just have to get an annual servicing done, which can be provided by your lift company in Delhi [visit here:]. This will allow it to continue working efficiently. Therefore, you will be saving a lot of money because you will be saved from unnecessary repairs.

Friday, 9 July 2021

What makes the Ashford formula a world leading brand for concrete densification?

Ashford Formula

The Ashford Formula has been winning the market since 1949. This excellent formula helps in making your regular concrete floor much stronger. No matter how old and damaged your concrete floor is. Using this amazing formula gives you an attractive and stronger concrete floor. I don't think there's anything better than the Ashford formula till now in the market. It works by rejuvenating and strengthening your concrete floor and hence giving it protection for a lifetime. 

Ashford formula Saudi Arabia is basically a liquid that hardens the concrete surfaces from beneath. Let's have a look at why the Ashford formula is way better than any of its competitors. 

  • Long term warranty- Well, this is the most important thing that almost everyone considers while buying anything. There are tons of concrete densifier brands out there, but I don't think anyone can give you the warranty Ashford formula gives. We offer a 20 years warranty to all our customers and this might be the longest term warranty in the whole industry. The reason is that we are well aware of the fact that the Ashford formula is the best. 

  • Lasts for a lifetime- Yes, that's true. You just have to apply the Ashford formula once and this amazing thing lasts for a lifetime making your concrete floor look classy and stronger. 

  • Strengthen and protect the concrete floors- The Ashford formula is used to heal joints, cracks etc. It also strengthens and protects the concrete floor and reduces the risk of any cracks or tire marks on the surface. This incredible formula gives your floor a complete finished look. 

  • No need for regular cleaning and maintenance- Once you apply the Ashford formula, there is no need to worry about the regular cleaning and maintenance of your concrete floors. This is because the Ashford formula makes the concrete floors abrasion-resistant, dustproof and easier to clean.  

The Ashford formula Riyadh is the most advanced densifier technology and is widely used all over the world as a concrete sealer. It is a colourless liquid that helps in hardening the concrete surfaces giving them an elegant look. It also helps in protecting the concrete floor from cracks, oil or grease stains. This formula is non-slippery too. If you want to have all these benefits too, then you must definitely consider the Ashford formula.