Thursday, 15 July 2021

Reasons to upgrade for Checkout Address AutoFill For WooCommerce Pro.

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What does the Checkout Address AutoFill Plugin do?

1. It auto-fills the billing and shipping addresses during the checkout process.

2. Allow the user's current location to be as both the ship and bill addresses.

3. Results shown are specific to a country.

4.  It also allows auto-filling of phone numbers.

5. It automatically fills up the name of the company.

Reasons to Upgrade.

This new version of the WooCommerce checkout fields is the most comprehensive address autocomplete plugin available. It performs admirably and has many features such as Location Picker Autofill and Current Location. Above all, with its new features, it becomes the best choice amongst other options available.

Features of the Pro Version

1. It supports the WooCommerce latest version.

2. Users can use Google Maps to autofill their addresses.

3. The geolocations of the addresses get saved. As a result, you could see the exact location of their addresses on the Edit Order page.

4. Verification option API Key for Google is available.

5. Also, it supports translation in many languages.

6. Further, the administrator can change the location picker zoom size from the setting page.

7. In the Checkout Page Location Picker, you can now get Compound Code and Global Code for any location. It proves to be very useful when using WooCommerce Distance Rate Shipping. Calculate shipping prices quickly and easily based on your clients' exact distance.

Please note that the Checkout Address Autofill for WooCommerce / Pro plugins currently only works with the Google Maps API. Please ensure that Google Maps is available and functional in the end-users region for the best possible experience.

How to Install

1. Firstly, Go to the Plugin Option after entering your WordPress Dashboard.

2. Next, click on Add New.

3. Further, in the search bar, type "Checkout Address AutoFill For WooCommerce." and enter.

4. Hit the Install tab.

5. Then, click on Activate button

6. After installation is complete, go to the settings panel and enter your Google API key.

7. Next, verify your Google API key. Enter your API Key in the given field and then click Save changes to verify it. Then, under the Verify Google API Key section, find the Verify Autocomplete Field, where you can enter any location. If the API key you have entered is correct, the address suggestions will appear in the Autocomplete Field. In addition, you will see the address in a popup window.

8. Lastly, change the settings to suit your needs.


This Pro version includes some great features that could make your clients' checkout procedure faster and smoother. And improvements in the efficiency of the shopping cart and checkout process, as a result, lead to higher conversion rates. Thus, upgrade to the Pro version for unrestricted access to Checkout Address AutoFill For WooCommerce Pro and improved support.

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