Friday, 9 July 2021

What makes the Ashford formula a world leading brand for concrete densification?

Ashford Formula

The Ashford Formula has been winning the market since 1949. This excellent formula helps in making your regular concrete floor much stronger. No matter how old and damaged your concrete floor is. Using this amazing formula gives you an attractive and stronger concrete floor. I don't think there's anything better than the Ashford formula till now in the market. It works by rejuvenating and strengthening your concrete floor and hence giving it protection for a lifetime. 

Ashford formula Saudi Arabia is basically a liquid that hardens the concrete surfaces from beneath. Let's have a look at why the Ashford formula is way better than any of its competitors. 

  • Long term warranty- Well, this is the most important thing that almost everyone considers while buying anything. There are tons of concrete densifier brands out there, but I don't think anyone can give you the warranty Ashford formula gives. We offer a 20 years warranty to all our customers and this might be the longest term warranty in the whole industry. The reason is that we are well aware of the fact that the Ashford formula is the best. 

  • Lasts for a lifetime- Yes, that's true. You just have to apply the Ashford formula once and this amazing thing lasts for a lifetime making your concrete floor look classy and stronger. 

  • Strengthen and protect the concrete floors- The Ashford formula is used to heal joints, cracks etc. It also strengthens and protects the concrete floor and reduces the risk of any cracks or tire marks on the surface. This incredible formula gives your floor a complete finished look. 

  • No need for regular cleaning and maintenance- Once you apply the Ashford formula, there is no need to worry about the regular cleaning and maintenance of your concrete floors. This is because the Ashford formula makes the concrete floors abrasion-resistant, dustproof and easier to clean.  

The Ashford formula Riyadh is the most advanced densifier technology and is widely used all over the world as a concrete sealer. It is a colourless liquid that helps in hardening the concrete surfaces giving them an elegant look. It also helps in protecting the concrete floor from cracks, oil or grease stains. This formula is non-slippery too. If you want to have all these benefits too, then you must definitely consider the Ashford formula. 


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